HR Administration Service

The HR Navigator can help you establish solid HR functions and plan your HR processes smoothly. Also, to ensure compliance with Myanmar labour legislation, we may localise your company's current employee handbook, rules, and procedures on our HR Administration Service.

HR Administration Service Activity and Roadmap

Phase 1: Review and check HR's existing functions to ensure that they are compliant with the Myanmar Labour Law.

Phase 2: Advise and develop HR functions to ensure that they are compliant with the company's internal policy and Myanmar Labout Law.

Phase 3: To establish a culture of HR processes where individuals and teams take responsibility for the continuous improvement of their own performance and skills.

HR Administration Service helps you craft the perfect fit for HR functions to run HR processes smoothly. This service includes overseeing recruitment and selection, HR key performance indicators, training and development plans, conflict resolution, employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, actualizing HR goals, legal compliance and regulations, diversity, equality, and inclusion advantages, employee engagement and wellness, and navigating the HR policies, procedures, and employee handbooks.